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* Complete Air Wand System
The new Air Wand is a high-velocity air nozzle that blows air up to 200 m.p.h. to remove dirt, dust, water, leaves, grass (or any other unwanted non-adhered material) from surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The Air Wand greatly accelerates nature's drying action with no adverse effects to existing fragile finishes and delicate surfaces. The new, revolutionary Air Wand saves work, time, and money! Never again use old, scratchy towels and elbow grease to care for your prized possessions. Simply attach the new Air Wand to the blower and get all your week-end jobs done in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the effort!
Click here for Installation And Care Of Your New AEC Air Wand  
The Air Wand can be used on
but not limited to:
The new Air Wand 100
Readily compatible blowers
-Patio Furniture
-Glass Windows
-Garage Doors

- "Touchless System"
- Felt Pad Protection For All Surfaces
- Powerful 200 M.P.H. Air Flow System
- Ergonomic Design - Extends Reach
- Lightweight And Easily Portable
- Affordable And Easy-To-Use
- Works With A Variety Of Blowers

  • WeedEater Barracuda Superblower (Model# 2595)
  • Homelite Attack II Gas Blower
  • Kobalt Cordless Blower (Model# KHB 300-06)
  • Husqvarna Blower (Model# 125B)
  • Eco Gas Blowers (Model# PB-250LN)

    -The AirWand works ideally with 195mph, 12amp motor blowers.
    -These models will work with a simple homemade adapter.
    -A.E.C. Engineering Systems assumes no responsibility for homemade adapters.

  • A.E.C. Engineering Systems is not responsible for injuries sustained while operating the AIR WAND during rainy and wet environment or windy weather conditions. Please use prudence in its operation. AEC will replace, at our discretion, any Air Wand that has broken as a result of manufacturing defects. All rights to refund of claims MUST INCLUDE the returned item and a purchase receipt. Forward both items and a detailed explanation of breakage to the address below:
    A.E.C. Engineering Systems
    P.O. Box 711611, Santee, CA 92072   USA
    A.E.C. Engineering Systems
    Model No. AEC-AW-100
    Patent No. D488599